Ahh, the sunshine, sand and the sea. Kenting is known for its outstanding pristine sandy beaches and tropical weather, more than anything else. While most of the popular beaches are conveniently located near Kenting Main Street, some of the less touristy beaches are just a little further on the other side of town.

Most of these gorgeous beaches have exciting water activities, good shade, great drinking holes and are fabulous places to kick sand and relax. Moreover they are free unless otherwise stated. However public facilities at the beaches here are still kinda lack of, so there are small fees (TWD50) in most cases for use of bathroom or shower facilities.

Life in Kenting is always known as “Sunrise, sunburn, sunset. Repeat.” In case you are not sure where to go in Taiwan, take a look at some of our favourite tanning spots in Kenting for your next beach vacation.

The Best Beaches of Kenting – Local Favorites

Southbay (Nanwan Beach)

Which Beach to Go in Kenting Nanwan
Kenting Nanwan Beach (Low Season)

Southbay is the beach to be where accommodations, restaurants and shops are close by and things tend to be crowded and busy during high season (May to October). Popular with surfers and beach-goers, the gorgeous beach is in the middle of the tips of the southern Taiwan peninsular (the Capes of Maobitou & Eluanbi). Here we can find a wide curvy 600m long bay with an incredibly blue sea, thus some locals call it as Lanwan (Blue Bay) as well.

It’s easy to see why the beach is so popular with foreigners and locals as the white sandy beach is perfect for sun tanning and water frolicking. There are plenty of umbrellas and water activities operators for surfing and jetskiing here.

Nanwan Beach Water Activities Pricelist Jetski Banana Boat
Price list of Water Activities on Nanwan Beach

The water here is excellent for swimming but we think that it’s also perfect for doing absolutely nothing at all.

Address: No. 223, Nanwan Rd, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, 946

Take the Kenting Express Buses towards Hengchun and tell the driver you are going to Nanwan

Big Bay (Dawan Beach)

dawan beach taiwan kenting
Huge waves crashing

The Dawan Beach is surely the main beach of Kenting with its proximity to Kenting Main Street. However you don’t find the beach crowded with thongs of people or water activities on this beach. That’s because swimming is off-limits at this beach due to the strong waves and hidden undercurrents. As a result of numerous drowning incidents many years ago, the authority has therefore decided to safeguard public safety by imposing no swimming.

Unlike Australia, the prohibitory signs here do not provide specific reason when swimming is forbidden. Thus many foreigners may be wondering what the rationale behind the No-Swim Signs is.

Nonetheless we love the beach for the golden sand and unforgiving sun. Dawan Beach is still a great place to play with sand and to frolick along the shoreline.

Address: Dawan Road, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, 946

Within walking distance from Kenting Main Street Centre.

Small Bay (Xiaowan Beach)

xiaowan beach in sunny Kenting
Entrance to Xiaowan beach in Kenting

Located at the end of the Kenting Main Street, Small Bay packs a whole lot of charm onto such a small strip of beach. The view is breathtaking, with incredibly soft sands. Furthermore with smaller waves here, you can bath and swim in the clear blue waters safely.

There are beach chairs and umbrellas for rent if you want to. Fairly quiet place, we recommend visiting this beach for a couple of hours with a relaxing book and a drink in the morning where the sun is tamer.

Here is definitely the beach where people spend a day of relative peace and quiet without all the hassle. There’s a nice bar at the entrance where you can grab a beer and take it with you to the beach.

O’ what sweet paradise to just do nothing and get toasted all day long.

Address: No. 6, Kending Road, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, 946

Takes around 10 minutes by walking from Kenting Main Street Centre.

White Sand Bay (Baishawan)

With only a couple of resorts and restaurants nearby, this beach is much quieter than the ones closer to Kenting Main Street. If you noticed the tiger at the entrance of the beach, yes, this is one of the set scene for the movie Life of Pi.

Here is a beach for you just to lay back and wriggle your toes into the soft silky sand. The sand is extra fine here with tiny fragments of pure white shells. 

If you are into more adrenaline rush activities, it’s possible to rent jetskis on the beach. The waves can get pretty wild at times, thus you can see Taiwan’s surfing and bodyboarding crowd as well.

Facing the western side, there is no better place to be where the sun kisses the ocean during dusk. Laying down and watching the sunset over the waves with your other half is bound to be the most romantic thing to do at this very moment.

Once you arrive you may never want to leave.

Address: 白沙灣Baisha Road, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, 946

Public Bus 102 from Hengchun Bus Station leaving every hour.

Little Bali Island (小巴厘島)

Though the rocks here certainly resemble those seen at Bali’s, it is not really an island on its own. Once a well-kept secret, the Little Bali Island is a small sandy lagoon hidden behind some trees. However the beach comprises of mainly broken corals and there are not many soft sandy spots for people to lie on.

This lagoon is more suitable for snorkelling and Stand Up Paddling (SUP) as there are plenty of small fishes and coral in the clear shallow waters.

Do remember to bring your own food and beverages as this pocket of preserved nature is still not inundated by vendors or operators.

Address: No. 79-66, Daguang Road, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, 946

Need a bike or motorcycle to get here.

Little Puppy Bay (小狗灣)

One of the hidden gems to be discovered in Kenting is behind some thick vegetation. A short trek is required to reach the Little Puppy Bay, but it’s surely worth the effort.

The rocks here form a natural lagoon where the water is warm and clean during summer, and little fishes will come by to tickle your feet.

Here is absolutely a relaxing oasis suitable for swimming, a suntan or a picnic. If you want to go, spend a little time asking around as many locals aren’t even aware of it.

Address: 下潭仔, the road further down from Little Bali Island.

Need a bike or motorcycle to get here.

When to Visit Kenting

Where to Stay in Kenting Nanwan South Bay
Kenting Nanwan South Bay

Kenting lies on the tropical belt with an average temperature of 24 degrees and is suitable for visit all year round. Kenting beaches are at their best from late March to early November when there’s excellent weather and the sea water is warm for swimming.

However there are occasional strong winds between the months of June to September. Though typhoons are rare in Kenting, the sea gets rough and beaches are mainly closed to the public.

Tips to swimming in Kenting

Dawan Beach No Swimming flag
An old “Swimming is Prohibited” flag at Dawan Beach
  • Always swim within the designated areas
  • Read the beach signs at the entrance for information or ask someone if in doubt
  • Drink plenty of fluid
  • Never swim alone, always with someone else
  • Never swim under the influence of alcohol or drugs

So stay safe and enjoy Kenting’s beautiful beaches.

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Love Taiwan. Love Kenting.

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