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If overcrowding and air pollution of big cities such as Taipei and KaoHsiung are not your cup of tea, we strongly recommend you to visit Kenting and nearby Hengchun. Located at the southern tip of the Taiwan peninsular, Kenting is a forgotten tourist destination that falls off the tourist radar in Taiwan.

The weather here in Kenting is close to tropical climate, varying between warm, cool and rainy with occasional strong winds and unforgiving sunshine. Surrounded by blue waters and fine sand, the beaches along Kenting coastline are incredibly amazing. The underwater biodiversity here is also a large chunk of the allure, for water activities seekers, divers and water sports lovers.

English Speaking Guesthouse and Minsu Gorgeous Things to do in Kenting for Relaxed Vacation Solo Traveller Couple
Winter at Kenting – Taken December 2019

On top of interesting dives sites and pristine coral-sand beaches, the natural wonders here have turned Kenting National Park into an adventure playground for solo travellers, couples, friends or families.

Moreover with the activities and tours, temples to visit and delicious street food that we recommend, you may find that time is a worrying issue when you come to Kenting. Do you know that there are hidden spots in Kenting for sunsets, waterfalls and even, hot spring? Here are all our personal favourite activities everyone can do while in Kenting!

Top 25 Things to Do When in Kenting!

Diving Excursions with Experienced Instructors

Scuba Diving at Kenting with Experienced Instructors
Scuba Diving at Kenting with Experienced Instructors

Are you one of those who is awed by the wonders under the waves? With abundant marine life and beautiful corals, Kenting is an all year diving destination for both locals and foreigners, amateur or experienced.

With temperate water temperature from 23 to 30 degree Celsius, it’s comfortable to dive and the warm waters offer an excellent breeding place for marine life. The grand dive sites here also have almost everything from coral walls, huge boulders, gigantic sea fans and pink barrel sponges, caves, and even a shipwreck off the coast.

For first time divers and families, we recommend Try Scuba Diving to experience the stunning underwater world. If you already possess an Open Water Diving License, feel free to enjoy Fun Diving where our instructors will bring you on a search for the big and little sea creatures skimming on the ocean floor.

If you have the time and would wish to take on the PADI/ SSI Open Water Diving Course with our professional English speaking instructors, feel free to reach out to our preferred partner.

Drifters’ Diving Club

Passionate above & underwater and always believe that the underwater scene is best seen through a scuba mask.

The Long Sandy Kenting Beaches

Being the film site of the popular movie Life of Pi, the White Sand Bay is a long stripe of white sandy beaches where beachgoers let the sun does its magic while they relax. With aqua blue waters and sands full of shells and corals, swimming in the waters here is a little tricky due to strong wind but it’s definitely more fun if you are looking to play with the waves.

Do also rent a chair and enjoy a drink at the bars overlooking the coast. Public bus transportation is available every 30 minutes.

Address: White Sand Bay (墾丁白沙灣), 946, Taiwan, Pingtung County, Hengchun Township, Baisha Road

Xiaowan Beach in Kenting
Xiaowan Beach in Kenting during cloudy weather

Another of our favourite, the Little Bay Beach (小灣海灘) is a peaceful beach with fewer tourists. Though it’s a relatively small beach, the clear and calm water is suitable for swimming and is considered the safest beach for kids.

Furthermore, it is within walking distance from Kenting Main Street.

Address: Little Bay Beach (小灣海灘), No. 6, Kending Road, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan 946

Most public beaches at Kenting lack public facilities for changing, washing and showering, thus you may find vendors and shops charging a nominal fee of 50TWD for usage of their bathrooms.

Learn more about Kenting’s wonderful beaches here.

Kenting A Snorkelling Heaven

In Kenting, snorkelling is an activity that is suitable for everyone, even the very young and the old. Visitors can enjoy the fascinating underwater scene with minimum equipment and preparation safely, as the reefs are all close to the shoreline in calm shallow waters.

Taiwan Guesthouse and Minsu Kenting Hengchun Safe Snorkelling Tour Adventure for Children Family
Enjoy snorkelling safely!

Just bring along your own snorkelling mask and fins or rent one from our partners. In order to have a more pleasant experience, we recommend joining our adventure tours to see more exotic marines species in action.

There are fun tours for beginners and families or more adventurous ones for experienced divers.

Water Sports at Nanwan Beach in Kenting

IMG_5238 Nanwan Water activities Things to do in Kenting
Family-friendly water activities

Other than sunbathing or doing yoga by the beach, water sports and water activities are must-dos at Kenting beaches. Why not enjoy some inshore frolicking activities such as parasailing, windsurfing, SUP, banana-boating and jetskiing with your friends?

Those who love to experience ultimate thrill in the sea will surely enjoy jetskiing where machines can be rented at most beaches. Do engage only the operators who provide life jackets as your safety is the most important priority.

Address: South Bay Recreation Area (南灣遊憩區), No. 223, Nanwan Road, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan 946

Kayak at the Gangkou River

No matter what your level is, the Gangkou River (港口溪) is a beautiful playground for paddlers. Here is a good break from water sports activities and minimise environmental impact.

The best part about paddling in the waters of Gangkou River might be sitting back and relaxing on a placid slow-moving stretch of water. In the water, you can also capture a different photoshot of the Gangkou Suspension Bridge across the river.

Life jackets are provided and a short briefing is conducted before entering the river. This is an activity that is most suitable for family and friends.

Feel free to reach out to us for kayaking in Kenting waters.

Learn to make your own beer at 3000 Brewsuem

The 3000 Brewsuem is a must-go brewery/museum for beer lovers with a small private collection of beer memorabilia exhibits. Though English descriptions are lacking here, the exhibits come with QR codes at the side that link to Youtube videos depicting the history of beer brewing.

Well, aren’t we all here to enjoy a mug of fresh draught beer?

There is a 100 TWD entry fee but it serves as a credit towards purchasing a canned beer or one of the many beers on tap. Interestingly the craft beers brewed here are named after places around Kenting such as Manjhou Cream Ale, Longpan Brown Porter etc.

Oh, and don’t forget to take a closer look at the Mono Lisa montage while you are there.

If you are interested to make your own beer, do check out this featured post here.

Address: No. 29-1, Caobu Road, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan 946

A-Shin and his Chocolate Factory

If you want to surround your loved ones with lush greenery and small animals, the A-Shin Choco Farm is definitely the best farmhouse to explore with a variety of cool do-it-yourself activities for families and kids. Experience making essential oil, or attend cookies baking classes.

You and your kids can also feed and pet deers and rabbits and try the chocolate ice cream (TWD80/scoop) that is produced from the cocoa harvested from this organic farm. Moreover, parents can chill at the glass house café while the kids are having fun with the in-house activities.

Also, look out for the life size tiger from Life of Pi!

There is an entry fee of 200TWD to visit the deer enclosure in the day.

Address: A-Shin Choco Farm, No. 27-8, Wanli Road, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan 946

Sing songs and be merry with the Kuskus Community (Taiwanese Aboriginals)

Taiwanese Aboriginals in Kenting National Park Natives
Statue of Taiwanese Aboriginal Warriors in Kenting National Park

Yes, there are many indigenous people in Taiwan! And we can find them right here within the Kenting National Park. In this region, we can find the Paiwan, Amis, Makatao and Sqaro staying in the villages that are not very far from Hengchun town. Just like any regular Taiwanese, they go to school, go to work and live together.

In addition during the months from April to June, the Common Melastoma (牡丹花) found here bloom in full giving a lovely vibrant purple hue around the villages. This is also the best time to be exploring the aboriginal villages on a two wheeler.

At the Kuskus Village, we offer aboriginal tourism to experience traditional aboriginal wedding, farming & hunting, indigenous sorcery healing, savor local cuisines with songs and dance etc. Feel free to reach out to us to find out more 🙂

A Place to Watch Sunset (CNN Top 12 Sunsets)

After a long day at Kenting beach, let’s head to a gorgeous place to watch the sun set. The Guanshan (關山) is one of the top recommended locations in Kenting for watching the sun heads south every day. This 152 meters high mountain offers various brilliant points to wait for the magical moment when the sun slips behind the sea. However we find the 60TWD entrance fee rather unjustified at the crowded Guanshan Lookout where every tourist will go.

So here’s our solution, head to the Little Guanshan Snack Shop (小觀山鹹粿) and spend the money there on some local Taiwanese snacks such as sausages, fried carrot cakes and skewers like pig blood glutinous rice, porkball, etc. Savour the local delights, find a seat, and chat with the locals while capturing the impressive moment on film.

Address: 小觀山鹹粿, 946, Taiwan, Pingtung County, Hengchun Township, No. 40 Shui Quan LiShulin Road

Deer Spotting at Night

In the darkest of night at Kenting, the deers come out to play and feed in the wild. Armed with nothing but really strong torch lights, the Kenting National Park is the place to be at where there is a pretty good chance to observe herds of deers and stags.

We conduct Sika deer spotting tours that is safe for both humans and wildlife. Contact us to find out more.

Otherwise for a sure chance to meet the nocturnal creatures, check out the A-Shin Choco Farm. This organic farm is not just a place to visit in daylight, at night there are two one-hour deer spotting sessions at 6.30pm and 10pm respectively. Advance booking is not required. Cost TWD360/ person.

In addition, the farm engages a few Papua New Guinea tribal men (ex-headhunters) to conduct the 10pm tours. For your protection and detection of these reclusive Sika deers, not to eat you!

Address: A-Shin Choco Farm, No. 27-8, Wanli Road, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan 946

Learn more about the Formosan Sika Deers here!

Star Gazing – Make a Wish upon a Shooting Star

With little light pollution, there are many spacious and airy places in Kenting where astrophiles can do star gazing comfortably. Enjoy the beautifully dark sky with fresh air and no one will disturb you at night.

At the Longpan Park (龍磐公園), the wide grassland is perfect for us to observe the Milky Way while listening to the crash of waves against the cliff. We recommend coming here before 4.30pm to catch the sunset then have your packed dinner while waiting for the sky to darken. Remember not to leave any trash behind.

On cloudless nights, the distinctive Southern Cross can be identify in the sky. There are also shooting stars sometimes.

Address: 946 Taiwan, Pingtung County, Hengchun Township, Highway 46

Watch Rare Bird Species Migrating

Birdwatching at Long Luan Park Lake Naturea
Birdwatching at Long Luan Park

Get your binoculars ready. The Longluantan Nature Center, spanning 175 hectares, is an excellent ecology museum to study migratory birds in Southern Taiwan. The Main Conservation Building also offers free telescopes for bird-watching and there are avian-related exhibits. Served primary as a water reservoir for irrigation, it is also a large sanctuary for the birds, flora and fauna that call it home.

Well, the period between September to February is a particularly exciting time for bird watching as males are wearing their best plumage for attracting the females. Watch thousands of fowls swim in the water with every feather clearly visible under the sunlight.

Address: Longluantan Nature Center Nature (龍鑾潭自然中心), No.86, Ln. 250, Caotan Rd., Hengchun Township, Pingtung County 946, Taiwan

Stand at the Cross Point where the Straits of Taiwan Meets the Bashi Channel

Here is a popular scenic spot where you can have a nice view of a spectacular coastline. Visitors are mainly here to spot the “Cat”. The Cape of Maobitou (貓鼻頭公園) got its name from a reef rock that is shaped like a resting cat.

The amazing coral reef abrasive landform below is formed by hard limestone that existed millions of years ago. This park, alongside with ErLuanPi Cape (鵝鑾鼻) forms the southern gateway of Taiwan.

Address: Maobitou Park, No. 100 Xiaquan Road, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, 946, Taiwan

Where the Wind Brings the Sand to

There is a distinct contrast between the dry and rainy seasons of Hengchun. During summer, the southeastern air current brings in plenty of rainfall to the region and the rain washes away the sand on top into the ocean. However during winter, the powerful downhill wind brings the sand back to the top of the cliff. Thus this natural phenomenon shaped a unique landscape in this area.

We love visiting Fongchueisha (風吹砂) for the sunrise with fresh breeze and morning rays dancing across the surface.

Address: Jiae Road, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, 946

Get Close to the Cascading Water

7 tiers waterfall hidden location in Kenting
Lagoon at the first tier of the waterfall

Kenting is a nature-loving instagrammer’s paradise where beautiful sceneries can be found at close proximity. Located in a secluded area, the Qikong Waterfall (七孔瀑布) in Kenting is known for its seven lagoons of different depth and sizes situated at different tiers of the mountain.

There is a natural infinity pool right at the first level for those who don’t like to hike. Feel free to take a dip in the cool running water in this naturally formed pool. Hope the heat and mosquitos will not throw you off the path.

The waterfall is free for all to access but there is a small parking fee for vehicles.

Address: Seven Pools Fall (七孔瀑布), Hidden Location

Send a Postcard Back Home

Send a postcard at Hengchun Kenting
Send a postcard from the Hengchun Post Office

Keychains, magnets, t-shirts – there are all sorts of fancy souvenirs for tourists to bring home. However postcards make the best souvenirs as they are affordable and easily avail. Everyone loves receiving something in their mail and sending postcards from where you are is the best way to keep in touch with your family and friends. You can even send one to yourself to describe how you are feeling now!

Buy a unique postcard from shops nearby and visit the Hengchun Post Office! There’s a reason to check the mail box every day.

Address: Hengchun Post Office, Just opposite the Hengchun Bus Terminal

Stroll along the Hengchun Old Street

Be spellbound by the rich heritage of a half-day relaxing stroll in the old streets of Hengchun (恆春古城魅力商圈). Preferably in the morning or evening when the weather is less hot. Walk and get lost in the alleys among the rows of spruced-up shophouses and godowns that have their facades now repainted. There are plenty of interesting sights, shops and eateries to explore and discover.

We recommend walking from the historical South Gate (南門) at the middle of a busy traffic roundabout to the West Gate (西門). It’s an experience to see vehicles still cruising through the well preserved West Gate. These remnants of the old city wall remind residents and tourists of the olden Qing dynasty–era amidst the modern architecture around them.

Sometimes we are more attracted to the dilapidated, derelict buildings rather than modern houses. Looking at these buildings we can image the architects of century past trying to create their dream house with then technology and building materials. Some of the buildings in Hengchun traced back more than 50 years old and they still retain their age old façade.
Take a little time to admire these historical charms.

Visit the Early Morning Market of Hengchun

The chaotic morning bazaar of Hengchun offers a fascinating peek into the daily lives of local Taiwanese. You can experience the vibrant atmosphere of Taiwan marketplace that makes shopping much more fun.

People here are always smiley, trustworthy and more than a little bit friendly.

Food stalls are located on two sides of the vehicular lane and you can get fresh fruits here that are cheaper than the supermarket. Taiwan is a fruit paradise so do check out what are the seasonal fruits in store before visiting.

The market gets lively from 7am onwards.

Riding a Motorbike around Kenting

English Speaking Guesthouse and Minsu Kenting Hengchun Romantic Relaxed Vacation Solo Traveller Couple Motorbike Rental Touring
Ride a Motorbike

The entire Kenting National Park takes up an area of 466.8 hectares (according to Wikipedia). So we recommend getting your own transport for convenience since local buses appear once every hour and services end after dusk.

For international license holders, you may consider leasing a car or renting a motorbike (100cc/ 125cc). However if you do not have an international license, there are also electric bikes available for rental.

The asphalt roads of Taiwan are generally well paved and smooth. Traffic is on the right and usually light except during the weekends. It’s an experience to explore the beach roads, rural paddy fields and natural wonders around the park.

Ride safe, ride slow and enjoy the sights. Feel free to reach out to us for reliable vehicle renters.

Take a Break and Learn about Power at No.3 Nuclear Plant

This is a good museum to find out more about nuclear power, history of Taiwan Power, energy conservation and other trivial knowledge. There are many interactive exhibits that are rather fun for children as well. Even though English description on the exhibits is limited, the earthquake experience room and 4D theatre would have made your trip worthwhile.

After walking through everything, head to the café at level 2 and enjoy ice popsicles made from purified sea water (just 15 TWD). All in all, the fully air conditioned building is a great respite to escape the sun or rain at no cost.

Address: Taipower Exhibit Center in Southern Taiwan, No. 79 of 64, Daguang Road, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, 94645 (Closed on Mondays)

Visit the Oldest Chinese Earth Deity Temple in Kenting

Taiwan is home to many religious sites with the entire peninsular dotted with temples of rich heritage and cultural history.

Here in Kenting, lies one of the oldest Temple of Earth Deity (高山巖福德宮). The interiors of the main hall are tastefully decorated with wood craft artwork with intricate artistic detailing on the walls and ceiling. Though the temple was built for the Earth Deity, it also honour statues of other gods.
The divinity of the Earthy God is very strong and devotees believe that wishes come true if the wish is made sincerely.

Do remember to be dressed appropriately: no shorts or skirts above the knee, no sleeveless shirts and to remove caps before entering the temple hall.

The temple looks incredible against the background of the mountains.

Address: Hill Top Yan Fu Temple (高山巖福德宮), No. 9-11, Binlang Road, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan 9

Popular Instagram Spots in Hengchun

If you are a Taiwan movie fan, you would have certainly heard of Cape No. 7 (海角七號). This romantic love story between a Taiwanese man and a Japanese woman is still the current highest grossing Taiwanese domestic film. And the set was filmed in Hengchun.

Visit the home of the main character in Hengchun Old Street for some memorabilia and keepsakes to commemorate your Taiwan trip here.

Address: Cape No. 7 Museum (阿嘉的家), No. 90, Guangming Road, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan 946

The South Gate of Hengchun is considered a landmark as it greets visitors who are heading towards Kenting Main Street. Hengchun was originally a walled city built during the Qing Dynasty and now only parts of the city wall and the four gates remain preserved.

Address: Heng Chun South Gate (恆春縣城 南門), at Hengchun Centre Roundabout

Trekking up Rocky Mountains for Panoramic Views

Kenting has a lot more to offer than just the popular touristy places on the brochures. For the daring and more adventurous, we recommend mountain climbing and hiking at various mountains of the Hengchun Peninsular.

Some of these mountains are surprisingly close to town and easy to conquer, and they made ideal side trips while on the way to other major attractions. One of our favourite is Mt. Menmalou. Just 20 minutes away by riding from Hengchun, this is a perfect hike for newbies. Getting up to the peak takes just 20 minutes too.

Once on top you will be rewarded with an incredible view of the countryside and wondrous mountain ranges all round.

What’s more, wandering the surrounding plains are herds of free ranging cows. So look where you are stepping and make sure there’s no bullshitting around.

Address: Mt. Menmalou (門馬羅山), pathway up the mountain lies inside the Yongjing Village (永靖)

Camping at Kenting

With gorgeous scenery along the eastern coast, the Hengchun Peninsular provides a brilliant road-tripping adventure for anyone. For those on a budget, a night under canvas with no one else but the stars and the moon is certainly unforgettable experience.

As an added bonus, you can even get up super early for a surreal breathtaking sunrise vista right out of bed.

Camping is prohibited on most popular beaches in Kenting. The police won’t bring you to jail but there is a chance that you be asked to pack up and go.

If you are camping in Kenting, please leave no trace of your campsite and properly dispose of all the trash J it’s our responsibility to keep the place clean and with respect.

Well, camping is a popular pastime of many Taiwanese people, thus there are also campsites available for rent with good amenities. At Rock Garden Camping, there are huts with mats, fans, lights and electricity and it’s a place where you can find plenty of fun.

Learn Free Diving

With just one breath, dive underwater without the help of a breathing apparatus. This seems simple enough but free diving is actually really dangerous to perform without supervision in open waters. If you want to understand and learn more about free diving, get in touch with our certified training partners.

Learn techniques such as breathing, duck dive, finning, buddying and safety techniques. Proper safety is a must!

Kenting: A Destination Waiting for You to Discover

Rural Kenting Hengchun riding through paddy fields
Enjoy a slow ride through rural Hengchun

There are certainly many more activities we love in Kenting and we are updating them gradually as we discover more of them. For the ones who thought that Kenting is expensive, boring and not worth the time, we hope our travel guide will prove you wrong. So start making plans with your family and friends NOW.

Find out how to get from Taipei to Kenting.

We do charge a small fee when we refer you to our partners to upkeep our website but all in all, we hope that all our visitors will enjoy their stay in Kenting and ultimately become our life-long friends. Get in touch with us here and let us slowly answer all your doubts. Cheers and stay safe.


Love Taiwan. Love Kenting.

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