You are missing out on life if you think Taiwan is all about the capital city, Taipei, with shopping and food making up all the fun in this treasure island. Actually Taiwan is a great place to travel around on your own without joining tours. Therefore for the ones looking for a place in Taiwan where in the day the waters are clear, the cloudy skies come with dashes of blue, & with countless bright twinkling stars dotting the night sky – Kenting is the place to be!

Kenting is a beaches and seaside resorts area with something for everyone in Pingtung District, Taiwan. This seaside town is located at the southern tip of the Taiwan peninsular island facing the majestic Pacific Ocean, Bashi Channel and Straits of Taiwan.

For most western nations, Taiwan has a 90-days visa free arrangement. Check out the eligible countries here.

We recommend these 4 safe, comfortable and convenient ways for you to get from Taipei to Kenting. It’s really easy to travel from Taipei to Kenting via KaoHsiung.

How to go to Kenting from Taipei

Go to Kenting from Taipei by HSR High Speed Train

The Taiwan High Speed Rail (also known as THSR, HSR, or Gāotíe) is the fastest and most comfortable way to travel from Taipei to Kaohsiung. Unfortunately the high speed rail is not extended to Kenting yet. So you can catch the Kenting Express Bus #9189 from the HSR Bus Terminal.

The HSR train travels at speed up to 280km/h covering the 346km distance within 100 minutes. The price of a standard full fare HSR Pass from Taipei to Kaohsiung (Zuoying HSR Station) is TWD1490.

If you are wondering where to buy High Speed Rail tickets, they are sold directly at the stations, at convenience stores 7-ELEVEN, Family Mart, Hi-Life and OK Mart, and also online, up to 28 days in advance.

For advance ticketing and to see the schedule, please visit the HSR’s website.

Transportation Fee: TWD1490

Time Required: 1.5 to 2 hours


Go to Kenting from Taipei by Express Coach

The Express Coach is also one of our favourite affordable ways to travel between Taipei and KaoHsiung comfortably. Unfortunately these big buses also do not reach Kenting directly from Taipei and travellers have to travel to KaoHsiung first as well.

Just head to Taipei Bus Station where all intercity bus services are provided. With numerous bus companies to choose from, there are pretty much buses available all round the clock. Our favourite bus company is Tonglian Bus (統聯客運) where you can alight at KaoHsiung Train Station and catch the Kenting Express Bus #9188 from the KaoHsiung Station Terminal.

Travel time from Taipei to KaoHsiung will take between 5 to 6 hours depending on traffic.

Transportation Fee: TWD535

Website: (only in mandarin)

Go to Kenting from Taipei by Regular Train

IMG_5216 Trains Station at Fangliao Taiwan Train Spotting
Trains Spotting at Fangliao Pingtung

There are many great reasons to take the regular train from Taipei to KaoHsiung Train Station. If you have time and would like to enjoy the wonderful scenery along the way from Taipei to the southern part of Taiwan, the slow ride is surely for you. You can transfer to the Kenting Express Bus #9188 from the KaoHsiung Station Terminal.

slow train in Taiwan coming through from Taipei to Kenting
The journey is the destination – Enjoy the train ride!

The train carriages are modern and comfortable with regular frequencies.

The regular rail tickets are also sold directly at the stations, at convenience stores 7-11, Family Mart, Hi-Life and OK Mart, and also online, up to one hour before departure.

Traditional Lunch Box on Taiwan Railway Train Getting to Kenting
Yummy Bento Set

For advance ticketing and to see the schedule, please visit the Taiwan Railway Administration TRA’s website below.

Transportation Fee: TWD630 – TWD843

Operating hours: 5.30am First Train – 7.20pm Last Train

Time required: 4 to 7 hours depending on type of train


From Taipei to Kenting by Car

Car rentals are available from Taipei Airport where you can drive straight down to the beaches of Kenting. Rental booths with Hertz or Avis are visible at the arrival hall. Do note that Taiwan is a left-hand drive nation and an international license is required for car lease.

You can also hire a private car transfer from the Airport to Kenting.

Time required: 6 – 8 hours depending on traffic

Cost: around TWD1600 / Car

The Best Way to Get from Taipei to Kenting

Well, flying is surely the best way to get from Taipei to Kenting. But this is also the most expensive way. There is a domestic airport in Hengchun, but it’s only opened for chartered flights.

Time required: 1 hour


There is an international airport in KaoHsiung. Though not as busy as Taipei Taoyuan Airport, it connects to many major cities in the world as well. Due to the close proximity between the two cities, KaoHsiung to Kenting can be a daytrip too.

Express Buses from KaoHsiung to Kenting

If you are alighting from KaoHsiung Airport, there is the “Kenting Express” (Bus #918) that goes directly to Kenting with 7 stops inbetween. It takes around 2.5 hours.

Operation Hours: 10am to 7.50pm (10:10/ 11:10/ 12:50/ 13:50/ 16:10/ 17:10/ 18:50/ 19:50)

Price: TWD397 one way. There’s a discount if a two-way ticket is purchased in advance.

From Zuoying HSR Station you can take “Kenting Express” (Bus #9189) directly to Kenting. Bus #9189 stops only at major bus stops so the travel time is shorter. You may secure a seat at the Ticketing Booth on the second storey of the HSR Station before heading to Berth 1 at the ground level. The bus conductor will collect the ticket while you board.

Operation Hours: 9am to 7.10pm (Departing every hour)

Price: TWD418 one way. There’s a discount if a two-way ticket is purchased in advance.

“Pingtung Express” (Bus #9188A) is another express bus service serving the link between Zuoying HSR Station, Kaohsiung Railway Station, Fangliao Railway Station and Kenting. However the bus stops frequently thus it may take slightly longer to arrive at Kenting than taking Bus #9189.

Operation Hours: 6am to 9.30pm (Departing every hour)

Price: TWD364 one way. There’s a discount if two-way ticket is purchased.

It takes 3 hours from Kaohsiung to reach Kenting Main Street.

We also recommend downloading the Bus Tracker Taiwan App from Apple store for reliable bus service information and timings. It has an English interface and bus stops are indicated in English as well.

Tips for getting to your guesthouse around Kenting

Well unfortunately Uber is not an option when travelling within Kenting, however big air-conditioned buses are available to take you to and from HengChun or Kenting at fixed frequencies.

There are also some local taxis but note that they don’t go by the meter. Thus it will be best to have prior arrangements with your hotel or guesthouses before arrival.

Information is correct as at February 2020.


Love Taiwan. Love Kenting.

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