In the town of Kenting, we can not only enjoy the sunny weather, dip in the blue ocean and take in historical sights, there are also other attractions worth visiting. Lately, we see many experiential attractions such as the guided eco-walks and ancient Hengchun exploration tours gaining traction as participants gain first-hand experience in the theme guided tours.

This round, we have somewhere fabulous for beer lovers, right here in Taiwan, Kenting to explore – the Hengchun 3000 Brewsuem (恆春3000博物館). Being the sole Beer Museum in Hengchun, we find very interesting private collection of beer memorabilia here.

A Microbrewery in Kenting?

The Hengchun Brewsuem is located at one of the industrial district at the end of Hengchun town – as the Taiwanese laws confine breweries to such areas. The owner (Uncle Bar) loves savouring and crafting his own beer. He is also an expert in the science of hops, grains and yeast to how proportions and brewing methodology affect the taste of beer. Furthermore this beer veteran even possesses excellent knowledge regarding the history and cultural influence of beer from ancient Egypt to present day.

Why is it being known as 3000 Brewsuem? Well that’s because of the three thousand beer mugs and glasses displayed before the metallic shiny wall of the tasting hall. Moreover, the glasses were actually imported from Germany, France and Belgium. Don’t ask how the 3000 glasses got here, they just did.

The first thing that welcomed us is a giant montage of Mona Lisa that is formed by 8400 alochol labels! It took them 3 months to complete this astonishing artwork. Walking around the exhibition area, we can find interesting facts and stories of artworks, documents, drinking vessels and brewing artifacts, all related to beer.

Beer Making Class in Kenting

For 2020, the Brewsuem has launched a classroom that teaches us how to make beer. Yes, brewing our own craft beer. Mmm. Let’s find out more.

There are two step by step beer making classes available:

Concise Session – 2.5h, experience the malting, mashing and boiling process, bring home the wort on the same day.

Intense Session – 5hrs, go through the entire beer brewing process and get your own hand brewed beer shipped to you after 30 days (after a couple of weeks’ fermentation).

Well the difference between the two sessions is the addition of yeast for fermentation in the Intense Session. So if you would love to enjoy your own alcoholic brew, do join the Intense Beer Making Session.

Lesson content includes brief introduction on the interesting history of beer making and then slide show on the process of making a beer, then the hands on session!

Lessons are currently conducted in Mandarin, so do get in touch with us for English classes arrangements (subject to availability).

Address: No. 29-1, Caobu Road, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan 946

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Love Taiwan. Love Kenting.

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