When it comes to food, you are in for a real treat in Taiwan. Across the country, you can find authentic Chinese food, regardless its a pushcart vendor, at a jam-packed night market, or a tiny noodle store. Even in a small town such as Henghun (恆春鎮) .

Hengchun town is the entry way to the beaches of Kenting. This is a very interesting ancient fort city that is more charming gastronomically than Kenting in our opinion. We find the food in Southern Taiwan here generally sweeter and saltier than the rest of the nation largely due to the hotter weather.

Without much ado, let’s look at the best local favourite restaurants in Hengchun that are not only cheap but also delicious.

What to Eat in Hengchun in the Morning

House of Breakfast 早點之家 (Vegetarian)

This is a popular local eatery that residents queue in the morning for their freshly made red bean pancakes 红豆饼, doughsticks 油条, pan fried vegetable bun 水煎包 etc. Just wash them all down with a cup of warm soy milk.

Pan Fried Vegetable Bun Served Fresh in the Morning
Pan Fried Vegetable Bun Served Fresh in the Morning

Vegans can enjoy their share of breakfast here as there is no meat product used here. Prices are affordable. We encourage you to bring your own cutleries to save the earth though.

What to Eat in Hengchun for Lunch

Lost table plan = Kitchen Swell

Kitchen Swell is an extremely popular bakery cafe kitchen that serves incredible Italian dishes and appetisers. Fantastic ambience, great place for a dinner with your sweetheart or friends. You will never imagine the place used to be an abandon warehouse with the current cosy interior and industrial looking decor.

Kitchen Swell Cafe Cakes and Coffee while at Work Digital Nomads
Kitchen Swell Cafe Cakes and Coffee

Really hard to get a seat during the weekend so get a reservation well in advance. Prices are slightly steep. Do note that the café will turn over customers during lunch time and dinner time.

Qiu Xiang Noodle Soup 秋香麵店

Here is a relatively small eatery that is really close to the main Hengchun bus station. We can find the standard local foodfare such as Traditional Minced Meat Noodle 陽春麵, Sesame Sauce Noodle 麻醬麵, Fishball/ Meatball Soup 魚丸.貢丸湯 and Assorted Braised Meat 魯味.

The al dente noodles with wanton soup is a perennial favorite. Add a dollop of the chili-butter for extra oomph.

Address: No. 48, Zhongshan Road, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan 946

Aunty San Smelly Pot 三媽臭臭鍋

Literally smelly, here is a hotpot shop that is not for the faint hearted. Most famous for their smelly tofu hotpot, we can catch a waft of the sewer stench a few shops away. And that is what we enjoyed.

However if you are ok with the smell and taste, the hotpots offered in the shop are fuss-free, cheap and delicious. If smelly tofu is not what you like, try the Korean Kimchi or Hearty Pumpkin Hotpots.  With 7 different types of soupbase, you be spoilt for choice!

Address: No. 108, Zhongzheng Road, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan 946

Xiang Li Canton Style Roasted Meat 祥利廣式燒臘

The Xiang Li Canton Style Roasted Meat Restaurant 祥利廣式燒臘 is my personal favourite and I always have my lunch here. As the name Canton implies, we can find Hong Kong style soy sauce chicken 油鸡, Char siew 叉烧, waxed meat 腊肠, roast duck 烧鸭and roast piglet 烧猪 (subject to availability). Braised meat and eggs are available here too.

Roasted Meat Rice with Taiwan Sausage and Soy Sauce Chicken
Roasted Meat Rice with Taiwan Sausage and Soy Sauce Chicken

Love this place for the homely flavour and prices are fair at 90TWD for any meat combination with rice & 3 sides of vegetables or eggs to choose from. Comes with complimentary iced melon tea and hot Chinese homemade soup.

Fairy Desert Shop 東門玉女豆花

If you are tired of Taiwanese food, here is a restaurant offering Vietnamese flavours with a certain local twist. Oh well, don’t be disappointed, the staff here are not dressed in fairy costumes. However the lady boss here is so sassy especially during summer.

The boss grows his own herbs organically so vegetable produces here are extremely fresh. We always enjoy the Vietnamese style Braised Beef Noodle and end it off with homemade Green Jelly with Coconut Milk (& Ginger) for dessert.

What to Eat in Hengchun for Dessert

Red Bean Pan Cake 恆春有一家紅豆餅

If you adored Doraemon, you would have known that the Dorayaki is surely the favourite of this resourceful robotic cat. Here at this small store, they serve crunchy and not too sweet Dorayaki of various flavours.

Made to order sweet or savory flavors include original red bean, custard, yam, corn & cheese, custard & tapioca balls, oreo chocolate, sweet potato, sesame & seaweed etc. There are even ice-cream flavoured dorayaki available. Prices are from 15TWD to 25 TWD. Buy 5 get 1 free!

Address: No. 23, Zhongshan Road, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan 946 ( in the alley)

Green Bean Shake Store 水灞綠豆沙冰專賣店

Solely for lovers of green bean products. Get a cup of iced green bean milk shake to go during summer. This cup of green bean goodness is totally packed with the intense taste of green bean and fresh milk. Other fruit shakes available too. However, opening hours and days depend on luck and owner’s availability 🙂

Beany Dessert House 豆豆甜品屋

Traditional Taiwanese sweet soups served here including Taiwanese handmade beancurd with condiments like peanuts, redbean,. Served hot or cold. 40TWD a bowl. Friendly owner and seatings available.

Hengchun Sunday Night Market

We always keep our Sunday nights free to hunt for food at this once a week Night Market. This is the time when you can see the people of Hengchun and nearby out at a single location at night.

Hengchun Sunday Night Market Grilled Corn Store
Hengchun Sunday Night Market Grilled Corn Store

And of course, there are plenty more we haven tried. Yet.


Love Taiwan. Love Kenting.

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