There’s a sunrise everyday and this elegant scenery is absolutely free. However in this era of busy schedules, fast food, traffic jams and overcrowded trains, this natural phenomenon is often overlooked. When was the last time we get up really early to catch the sunrise?

Psychologists have discovered that a sunrise can increase generosity, promote wellbeing and improve our satisfaction on life. Since we are in Kenting for pleasure, we need to stop and enjoy our life. Moreover there’s so much more activities we can do in the morning after that – go on a natural trail, enjoy traditional local breakfast or swim in the waters before the sun turns to scorch.

Let’s start by setting the alarm and catch the first light of a beautiful and meaningful day – here we have 5 excellent spots in Kenting with stunning seascapes to catch the theatre of nature during daybreak.

Top 5 Places to Watch Sunrise in Kenting

Longpan Park

When in Kenting, try to catch the dramatic sunrise with panoramic views overlooking the coastline from the cliff at Longpan Park (龍磐公園). Be marvelled by the wide plateau as the grass bow against the strong wind. The foliage is lush during summer and be awed as the sunrise gradually turns the grassland golden, it’s a certainly wonderful experience for travellers.

The hues keep changing as the sun appears slowly from behind the waters, revealing the spreading beauty of the plateau.

If you are lucky you may spot the Sika deers gracefully galloping across the grassland.

Every sunrise is a blessing.

Getting There: Drive along the Jiae Road. It takes just 15 minutes to reach here from Kenting Main Street.

Xuhai Grassland旭海大草原

Here is another power spot for sunrise in Kenting. Along the east coast of Taiwan, the Xuhai Grassland faces the Pacific Ocean. The vastness of the sky and the natural surroundings are pure, giving an astounding glow over the expansive field as the sun emerges.

Early risers are rewarded with an unforgettable scene of enthralling sunrise with the morning sea breeze at the Xuhai Grassland. The spectacular display of colors and cloud arrangements sometimes paint the sky with pink over the ocean.

If you are fortunate during nice weather, you can even see the sun slowly spreading rays over Green Island and Lanyu Island, coaxing them out of the darkness.

After viewing the sunrise, go to the famous Peony Village Hotsprings for a true relaxation.

Getting There: Drive along the Jiae Road.This road leading to Xuhai from Kenting is extremely scenic. However it takes at least an hour by riding to get here from Kenting Main Street.

Sheding Natural Park 社頂自然公園

The Sheding Natural Park is situated at the Kenting National Park. This park serves as a natural observatory for public understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of natural landscape, wildlife, ecosystem diversity and natural phenomena that occur in Kenting.

Start the day not just with an excellent view but also alongside a nice workout. Once you reach the Skyward Pavilion, be charmed by the panoramic view and the sunrise amidst the stunning seascape. One can have a clear view of the spectacle from this vantage point to capture this magical scene with the camera.

Do bring along a flashlight and watch your steps while trekking over uneven paths.

Getting There: Enter the arch gate of Kenting National Park and drive up the mountain road to get to the Sheding Nature Park Entrance. Hike 20 minutes along the trail to the Skyward Pavilion (社頂凌霄亭) where you can have an unobstructed view above treelines.

Fengchuisha (风吹沙/ Literally Wind Blow Sand)

Here is a stretch of beach that lines the southern tip of Taiwan. Arrive here early for sunrise and watch as infinity lies to the east. Fengchuisha is just next to Longpan Park (5 minutes’ drive away). So if Longpan Park is a little too crowded during the holidays, just head further down to this sandy beach.

Why is this place known as Wind Blow Sand? That’s due to the incredible amount of sand from the beach being carried up onto the road by the strong north-eastern monsoon wind. The gust gets so strong in winter that you can’t even stand still when facing this wind.

Sometimes there’s so much sand that dunes are formed. Photographers are never lack of inspirations when standing before the sand dunes.

As the sun gracefully emerges, streaks of colors – reds, pink, oranges – depending on the weather conditions – are cast upon the water.

A priceless view and not to be forgotten.

However it can get really windy here so cover your stuff well as sand will fly all over.

Getting There: Drive along the Jiae Road. It takes just 20 minutes to reach here from Kenting Main Street.

Jialeshui (佳樂水/加洛水)

Rise and shine, hit the road on your bike. Further up north, the Jialeshui area is another awesome spot to capture the beautiful sunrise. Just remember to head to the Jialeshui Beach. There is a wonderful sensation to feel the warmth of the sun here.

Enjoy each and every sunrise with someone you love dearly, that is certainly the most romantic thing to do!

Dress for the weather, bring along a camera, some snacks for breakfast and a warm beverage while waiting for the start of the daily show.

The Jialeshui meaning beautiful, happy waters also has plenty of interesting rock formations that are formed over millions of years situated within the Jialeshuei Scenic Garden Park. It’s a place to go after watching an amazing sunrise.

Getting There: Head north on Jiae Road from Kenting Main Street. Take a right turn at the fork to reach the end of the road.

What time does the sun rise in Kenting

Between the months of November to February (winter season), the sun rises around 6.20am. From March onwards till October (late spring – summer), the sun generally rises earlier around 5.30am. If you intend to catch the first light, be prepared to get up at least an hour earlier for the first rays of the sun.

Things to bring along to watch the Sunrise

We recommend

• Wearing thicker clothing while visiting Kenting between November to May as it is colder, especially before daybreak.
• A torchlight
• Wearing shoes while trekking.
• Bringing your own breakfast and beverage.
• A trashbag to remove your rubbish.


Love Taiwan. Love Kenting.

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